Nam Tin Phat established the company starting from a simple thought of having a common home of members who share the same dream: “to do something useful for everyone”. We liken ourselves to hardworking bees that contribute honey to life, although still in the process of starting a nest, these worker bees promise to soon give you many drops of sweet fragrant honey of life.

gieo hạt
Start with thinking

Whoever you are, where you are, what you do, you want to live in prosperity, peace, and happiness, especially peace in your soul. Without exception, we with the desire to bring joy and peace to everyone should have wondered: What do we need to do? After many concerns, we decided to provide you with great “door-keeping gods” to help you preserve your own assets more safely and easily. These are seal seals – locks with serial numbers are disposable only. They are loyal dogs day and night that help you keep the door open and always voice warnings and try to bite the uns friendly guests whenever they deliberately enter the house. It sounds weird, we’ll explain it later.

gieo mầm bình an
Sow peace in your mind

Nam Tin Phat is happy to join hands with you on the path to seek prosperity, happiness and peace for yourself.