Seal niêm phong trong dầu khí

Seal in the oil and gas – energy industry

Electric, gas and fuel utility providers use seals extensively for both safety and loss prevention. Electrical meters, substations and many other critical controls and supplies are protected against tampering or theft by sealing. Meters typically use lighter tamper seals while control stations or critical supplies and equipment are often protected with sturdier barrier seals made […]

Seal niêm phong trong ngân hàng

Seal in the bank

Currencies, coins and securities are sealed with seals by various means. Bags, containers, ATM cartridges and armored trucks are sealed to detect and prevent tampering or theft. The application of the seal begins with the production of Treasury funds, and throughout the system moves to federal and private banking facilities. Similar sealing measures are used […]

Seal niêm phong trong vận chuyển Logistics

Seal in freight

When transporting goods over long distances by plane, train, or boat, the sealing of goods is essential. The mere presence of the seal can prevent anyone from tampering with the document. However, if tampering occurs, it is immediately visible so that the defective goods do not continue through the supply chain. Although this is a […]

Seal niêm phong trong truy xuất nguồn gốc

Seal in traceability

When things like elevators, commercial scales, meters, timers, alarms, fire suppression systems, medical equipment, food handling equipment, water and wastewater treatment systems is used, a security seal that is clearly tampered with is often used. That’s how the tester identifies himself as the responsible party and provides other information like the date or type of […]

Seal niêm phong trong chuyển phát nhanh

Seal in courier

EMS services use seals to protect and identify their medical kits and essential equipment, and clearly mark and isolate biohazardous materials for safe handling.

seal niêm phong trong y tế

Seal in medical

Seals help protect and track pharmaceutical products, medicines, raw materials, along with medical tools and devices during transportation and storage. In forensics, they identify, protect, and help monitor the proper handling of test samples and test supplies. Seals are used in hospitals to maintain records of operations, protect supplies, and track the use of critical […]