BNI Connect Chapter 2021

Participate in extensive networking between businesses at BNI Connect Chapter 2021

Any business or individual wants the goods to be safe during transportation. However, the problem of theft is a big risk in the transportation of goods that many shipping companies are concerned by the increasingly sophisticated theft technique. In order to ensure that the goods when arriving at the recipient are intact belts, components and sufficient goods as originally, one of the most advanced security measures today is the use of seal seals.
✨ In Nam Tin Phat, not only provide seal seals with a variety of types and designs to minimize the risk of theft and optimize the costs of customers; but the Company also possesses extensive experience in dealing with situations of loss of goods that may occur during transportation. Ms. HOANG THI LUONG NGOC – CEO of NAM TIN PHAT COMPANY gave a fairly successful presentation to help us better understand the seal sealing as well as the prestige of Nam Tin in 8 minutes.
✨ Especially in the meeting on March 9, Connect had moments of energy, warmth and sincerity by the performance of International Women’s Day of male members for connect “women”. ❤️❤️

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