Chicken Leg Bracelet

  • The livestock industry has been popular for a long time in Vietnam. Today, the breeding of chickens is very developed in our country, since it is a tropical country suitable for the development of livestock.
  • Our company is supplying to the market the product of foot bracelets, also known as foot tags for chickens, to support and help relatives more easily control their livestock herds.

The chicken leg bracelet is designed to have a closed joint so that when put on the chicken’s legs, while the chicken moves will not expand.
Depending on the weight and size of the chicken legs, choose the appropriate ring with an appropriate ring diameter.

There are types such as 1.6cm, 2.0cm …

  • The product has many colors to help us distinguish different types of chickens such as chicks, sick chickens, aging chickens, laying hens, …..
  • Each product bag consists of 100 units numbered in order from 001 – 100.




  • Mark special individuals: Sick individuals, individuals who have given medicines, vaccinated individuals, or individuals who need special care ...
  • Marking the tracking of individuals with good manifestations leaving for breeding, Marking the classification of different types of chickens.

With this chicken's foot bracelet numbered in order will help relatives a lot in controlling them , each number corresponds to a pet that needs to know what information to keep recording, when it is necessary to review just consider the order as out immediately.

Easily monitor the development of livestock from which there is a proper adjustment in nutrition and plans to eliminate litters of aging pets that no longer bring economic benefits

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