Seal niêm phong trong vận chuyển Logistics

Seal in freight

When transporting goods over long distances by plane, train, or boat, the sealing of goods is essential. The mere presence of the seal can prevent anyone from tampering with the document. However, if tampering occurs, it is immediately visible so that the defective goods do not continue through the supply chain.
Although this is a broad and comprehensive function, the use of security seals is best known as an important tool in protecting and tracking the movement of all products in the process. transportation by road, rail, air and ship. Some of these uses are covered in the functions listed above and below.
Container Seal – Road Truck
There are countless ways to use secure and derived seals. Today, the largest use of seals in the world is, without a doubt, for the safety of trucks and shipping containers placed on trucks. Anyone who has driven on the roads of the world knows that the amount of trucks moving daily is huge.
Aircraft – aviation seal
Security tape is widely used in the protection of goods by air. Adhesive tape will be suitable for many different types of cargo loaded on board. Unlike containers and truckloads, which can be secured with a single door seal, air cargo is a mixed range of products in standard containers and many items do not fit into containers. standard aviation. These include things like pallets, oversized or special cases and boxes, machinery, large parts, and more.
Train carriages were one of the first uses of security seals, more than a century ago. Seals made of lead and tin-plated steel were the original security seals to protect railroad cars and their belongings at the time.
The original cable seals were made of all steel with letters and numbers stamped. They have evolved and are now also commonly made of aluminum with steel cables. These modern versions offer anodized color options plus more detailed laser markings including barcodes, logos, and other customizations. They are also more resistant to corrosion when seals are used for long periods of time or under extreme conditions.
Cable seals are not limited to railway uses and have become the preferred seal for many other uses in transportation, utility, military and oil and gas operations.
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