ứng dụng của seal niêm phong

Application of sealing seal in industry

Unlimited application of sealing seal with milk tankers and oil tankers

Application of sealing seal can do more than provide detection in milk and oil tanker operations.

Application of sealing seal are mainly used as proof of opening or tampering.

They are used in virtually unlimited applications, covering many areas of the dairy industry: for example, tanker fleets, processing units and engine washes.

I have attended several tank car wash events and I often hear this question from drivers, operations managers, fleet owners and others; “Is this seal worth the trouble?”

Answer: “Yes, certainly possible.”

Security seals play an important part in ensuring quality and safety and they are extremely effective when used correctly.

The dairy industry has been ahead of many others, adopting security seals well for food safety processes before government agencies started looking into regulations that required them.

In some parts of milk shipping and handling, seals are required – and for good reason.

We supply tamper proof seals for most industries, including many dairy sectors and dairy operations.

We manufacture retractable plastic security seals with profiles to fit valves, hatches, closures on trucks, gates, control boxes or anywhere you may need to protect your product or your device through shipping and handling.

We also make stronger metal seals for other uses where the plastic is not tough enough for the job.

What can Seal do for you?

  • Of course, the seal on a tank truck or critical valve can tell you if the hatch or valve has been tampered with or opened.
  • However, it can also add value and efficiency to your operations.
  • Sealing can help you catalog and document the installation and removal process, who installed it, the time it was inspected, the time of entry and even the classification of the item it is protecting.
  • You can define routes, drivers, crew names, customers, batches, tank types, vehicles, and any other data points you need to maintain in a log or database.
  • This is mainly done with color coding and some custom markings, while barcodes and other markings can also be applied.

In addition, we will pack your seals according to color, brand, destination, etc. and deliver each variation where you need it.


  • A carrier can assign a specific color seal to a destination facility, part or entire fleet, or even to an individual vehicle.
  • The numbering and encoding can then be linked to days, batches, contracts, or other metrics by week, month, and more.

application of sealing seal


  • An activity can define wash types for each tank, using a different symbol for each group or type.
  • Or, it could be a color specific to a washed sludge tank versus an empty tank, versus a tank full of raw product, versus a washed and verified tank, and so on.
  • Barcodes can also be added to provide additional data to be recorded when seals are applied, installed, inspected or removed.

Things you should know about the application of seals

  • For seals to work effectively, it requires the coordination and efforts of many departments in the business.
  • This includes training, communication and consistent quality assurance testing to ensure proper use.
  • There is much to know about how to identify and minimize seal tampering.
  • Those who attach, inspect, transport or remove such seals need a few key insights.

They should especially know:

  • How to lock the seal and check the seal
  • How to detect signs of tampering, opening or manipulation,
  • How to make sure the seal is authentic and not the same
  • Procedures and documentation are available for each event, from the time you receive the tamper proof seal until it is removed.

We can help

  • The best amount of monitoring for your operations and what data will help you control and improve your operations will vary.
  • However, we can help you choose and apply the right options.
  • Our experience, flexibility and centralized control of operations make it possible for us to offer the seals best suited to your needs and the seals that will deliver your metrics. need.
  • All seals are not the same, although they may resemble some seals.
  • The sealing and tamper proof seals we offer are manufactured by a company owned by our factory in HCMC – Vietnam.
  • Everything is controlled by us from proven high quality raw materials through all production steps and reliable fast shipping.
  • With stock availability and custom warehouse planning, we excel at delivering seals bee gives you the right time, where you need it, and packed it when you need it.
  • In addition to overall quality and faster delivery, we offer so much more.
  • We can help you choose the right seals and provide personalized support to help you apply them more effectively.
  • We can assist with documentation or advice and training for the installation and testing of seals.

Our staff are leading experts and individuals with the longest experience in the security sealing business.

We have been manufacturing all kinds of security seals at our factory in Vietnam for more than 10 years.

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