Seal niêm phong trong truy xuất nguồn gốc

Seal in traceability

When things like elevators, commercial scales, meters, timers, alarms, fire suppression systems, medical equipment, food handling equipment, water and wastewater treatment systems is used, a security seal that is clearly tampered with is often used. That’s how the tester identifies himself as the responsible party and provides other information like the date or type of test, the status of the equipment, the date of the next test, etc.
Similar testing procedures use seals in many parts of the world in which we live. The food supply, healthcare, energy, transportation infrastructure, electricity we use and the water we drink all depend on quality, performance or purity. various points.
We tend to assume that the day-to-day functions of our lives are kept running and safe through the efforts of trained and certified inspectors. Originated seals verify testers have done the work necessary to help us safely continue our lives and protect the integrity of the things they test.
The inspectors doing this work are silently checking and verifying their findings, but they need seals of various types and sizes to suit each function. These include mechanical seals, adhesive labels, ink seals, press seals and printed tags, and other tamper indication devices. Each has a purpose in a particular industry, and there is virtually no limit to the variety of sealing and marking methods used.
We manufacture seals for most industries and businesses and have been doing so for over 10 years. Inspectors often rely on custom seals, or personalized seal marking. Whether it’s color coding or custom marking, or space to write information, we provide effective sealing solutions for all those challenging jobs.
People rarely see this work, or seal it tightly. We may notice someone signed a test label on an elevator or fire extinguisher in a hotel or commercial building. And you may see a seal on your meter or a valve on a building’s water supply line. Most of us have seen the meat inspector’s seal on a large piece of meat. But that’s only a fraction of the places where inspectors are working every day.
The details of the ombudsman’s work and its effect on all of us would need a book to cover them all. And that book will put most people to sleep.
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