Seal niêm phong trong dầu khí

Seal in the oil and gas – energy industry

Electric, gas and fuel utility providers use seals extensively for both safety and loss prevention.
Electrical meters, substations and many other critical controls and supplies are protected against tampering or theft by sealing.
Meters typically use lighter tamper seals while control stations or critical supplies and equipment are often protected with sturdier barrier seals made of cables.
The nuclear energy industry uses unique and advanced seals to protect many aspects of their operations including the storage of radioactive materials.
Oil and gas companies use seals to protect their products during transportation and storage, as well as to protect valves and controls in production and processing facilities. Gas pumps now have adhesive security seals to protect their payment terminals from tampering.
With the development of seals, people understand about it, seals are also from the beginning only used on clocks, water meters, blockades have developed to now be used in logistics, transportation and other industries. Other industries, now lead clamp seals have been widely used in the oil industry.
The use of oil and gas seals mainly used for oil tankers should be noted when using:
Good quality felt source.
Standard oil tanker seal;
Oil tanker seal specification;
Enhanced seal inspection;
Modifying seal management measures,…
Seal management is very important:
Check the seal quality, all inquiries will be sent to the seal company in the investigation, found that the number of defects and integrity of the seal.
Checking logistics, detecting specifications and sealing holes of transport vehicles, etc.
Standardization of oil tanker seals. Tanker replacement of motherboard, encoder must be reported in official writing by the Consultative Area, Area Manager until company approval, number of security personnel must appear in person
Supervision Department.
Tested under a picture issued for improvement. Finally modify the lead clamp seal to manage a perfect oil resource and improve the record inspection management. Seal of the management team for the safety of the oil tank truck, oil leakage has played a very good protective effect.

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